Family Reconciliation and Intervention Mediation

Concurrent Session 3
Friday, February 23 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Sala Cristallo

Session Description:

When people say "Family Mediation" in Texas, we think "divorce" because this training is required in any mediation regarding the parent-child relationship. Did your Family Mediation Training teach you how to reconcile marriages, partnerships, or families; resolve generational disputes; create discipline plans for intact, divorced, or blended families; etc.? Isn’t mediation more suited to resolution than dissolution? So why is dissolution in family mediation the more common process?

Sharon and her team at Innovative Alternatives, Inc., have created a unique format for mediation called Family Reconciliation Mediation (FRM), and a mental health format called Family Intervention Mediation (FIM) that is utilized if a mental health issue is suspected. If an undiagnosed mental health issue is present in one or both parties and a treatment plan to address the condition(s)is not negotiated in mediation, we are dooming the agreement to failure because those parties may not have the ability to keep their agreements. Come learn more about this powerful process for the benefit of many of your clients.

Ethics credit: .5