Everybody Does It: Dealing with Diversity Issues in Mediation

Concurrent Session 8
Friday, February 23 2:00 - 3:30 PM
Incanto Ballroom

Session Description:

Most of us spend the greatest amount of time outside our homes in the workplace, and this is also where diversity is thrust upon us more than in any other place. As the EEOC enters its 20th year of providing mediation services for employment discrimination disputes, we invite you to learn more about the largest Employment Discrimination Mediation Program in the U.S. for "private sector" employers. We have learned from our more than 210,000 mediations that “diversity issues” arise merely from the fact that we are a nation of very diverse people. Accordingly, we bring our own “back packs” – our own bundles of prejudice – to every situation, and the real question is how do mediators address diversity issues in our mediations, including those that may impact our own neutrality?

Experienced Mediators and Conflict Resolvers for the EEOC share their insights on self-awareness and preparation for mediations with special emphasis on diversity matters. This interactive workshop is designed to help attendees recognize their own biases and to collectively determine best practices for dealing with diversity issues that arise before (to mediate or not?), during (what now?!) and after (self-reflection) mediation.

Ethics credit: .25