Elder Mediation Workshop

Concurrent Session 15
Saturday, February 24 8:30 - 10:00 AM
Sala Cristallo

Session Description:

Elder and Adult Care Mediation has become a specialized component in family mediation in communities around the globe. Because of the diversity of families and often sensitive nature of Elder Mediations, marketing to these families and aging specialists requires a proactive approach. Elder Mediators require specialized training because of the unique dynamics of family roles, replete with medical issues involved. Elder and Adult Care Mediation addresses the diversity of families and the generational challenges each family presents. The needs and concerns among family members or between family members and long-term care facilities in relation to caring for a senior bring a unique dynamic that requires special marketing and mediation skills.
Special mediation skills support quality mediation opportunities to help families have the conversation and the resulting plan that they need to support their senior family member. Based on a model of active listening skills, learn a mediation skill that frames the mediation experience for families to embrace a shift from a conflict to a more cooperative dialogue by using counter stories for a robust resolution.
This presentation on Elder and Adult Care Mediation is designed to introduce a five-point plan that will increase your business opportunities, unique mediation skill set, and profit margin.

Ethics credit: .25