Susanne C. Adams Award

This award is dedicated as a living tribute to Susanne C. Adams, a visionary, a leader and a pioneer in mediation. This award was created in 1997 to honor Susanne, the first recipient of the award, and those who, like Susanne, set an example for the rest of the mediation community in Texas to follow.

A mediator since 1982, Susanne was active in the Texas mediation community as early as 1982. She was a founding member of TAM as well as the Greater Houston Mediation Network and the Dallas Mediation Council. She was the President of TAM from 1989 to 1990 and served on committees regarding ethics, professionalism and educational requirements for mediators. Susanne Adams died on October 11, 1997, leaving us with a legacy of inspiration and commitment to our profession.

The award is given annually to persons who have performed exceptional and outstanding efforts in promoting or furthering the use of mediation in Texas.


Past Recipients

Melanie Grimes (2018)
John P. Palmer (2017)
Marlene Labenz-Hough (2016)
Linda Gibson (2015)
Meg Walker (2014)
Mike Amis (2013)
John Guerra (2012)
Hon. Josefina Rendon (2011)
Carol Hoffman (2010)
Walter Wright (2009)
Laury Adams (2008)
Hon. Frank Evans (2008)
Dr. James Gibson (2007)
Marie Mullineaux (2006)
Don Graul (2006)
Judy Dougherty (2006)
Gary Kirkpatrick (2006)
Judge Merrill Hartman (2005)
Bruce Stratton (2004)
Michael Schless (2003)
Maureen Peltier (2002)
Florence Kusnetz (2001)
Herbert Cooke (2000)
US Rep. Charles Gonzales (1999)
Suzanne Mann Duvall (1998)
Susanne C. Adams (1997)