Levels of Membership

The following are the levels of membership available. To apply for membership, click here.


Dues: $75.00


Full Members are required to have completed the following minimum training, education and experience:

  • Forty (40) classroom hours of basic mediation training. If the applicant is engaged in the mediation of family law disputes, an additional twenty-four (24) hours of training in family dynamics, child development and Texas family law is required.
  • An undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college, university or law school.
  • Experience in a field other than mediation of either two (2) years with a graduate degree or four (4) years with an undergraduate degree.
  • One hundred (100) hours of documented mediation experience.

Dues: $50.00

Candidate for Membership

Individuals who have satisfied the education and training requirements for membership, but lack the necessary hours of experience, may become affiliated with TAM as a Candidate for Membership. Candidates must fulfill the annual continuing education requirements. Candidate status may be maintained for a maximum of five (5) years in order to allow the Candidate time to complete the requirements for full membership.


Dues: $50.00

Friend of TAM

Individuals or organizations without regard to qualifications or continuing education requirements for members may become affiliated with TAM by paying the annual dues.