Your membership in TAM reflects your commitment to the ethical practice of mediation.

Benefits of Membership

  • Networking opportunities with a multidisciplinary group of highly trained and experienced mediators.
  • Annual conferences featuring workshops taught by experts of national and international stature.
  • The Texas Mediator, a first-rate quarterly newsletter
  • Access to malpractice insurance designed especially for mediators available through Complete Equity Markets.
  • User-friendly website with:
    • Member Locator available to the public
    • Access to resources for mediators
  • Reasonable membership dues.

Levels of Membership

The following are the levels of membership available. To apply for membership, click here.

Full Members
Dues: $75

Full Members are required to have completed the following minimum training and experience:

Mediation Training

Completion of a 40-hour basic mediation training.

Experience as a Mediator

More than 100 hours of documented mediation experience after completion of the 40-Hour Basic Mediation Course and in the role of mediator.

Candidate for Full Membership
Dues: $50

An individual who has satisfied the training requirement for full membership, yet lacks the necessary hours of mediation experience, may become a Candidate for Full Membership.

Friend of TAM
Dues: $50

Individuals or organizations without regard to qualifications or continuing education requirements for members may join TAM by paying the annual dues. Friends of TAM are eligible for membership discounts and access to member resources.


Annual Continuing Education Requirements

To maintain membership, Full Members and Candidates for Full Membership must participate in a minimum of twelve (12) hours of mediation or mediation-related continuing education each year, of which at least three (3) hours must be related to ethics.

A continuing education hour is defined as sixty (60) minutes of attendance in a program designed to increase mediation skills and enhance professional development.

Continuing education programs may include lectures, seminars, peer consultation, and similar activities.

The continuing education requirement may be partially satisfied by up to two (2) hours of self-study. Self-study may include time spent researching, reading, listening to, or watching information designed to increase mediation skills or enhance professional development.


Please Note: Individuals are prohibited from using the TAM logo on their websites, business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials. Use of the TAM logo or name in any way that would imply endorsement or certification by the Texas Association of Mediators is also prohibited. Current members may state that they are members of the organization. Full Members shall have access to a Member icon within the policy for the use of such icon. Inappropriate use of the TAM logo or name by a member may result in the removal of the member's name from the TAM online directory of members.